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Honors Biology B 3nd Trimester Final Exam 2013
(Chapters 8, 9, 10, 12-16 + labs)
85 questions
Chapter 8: Meiosis and Meiosis, plus development (12 questions)
 Mitosis
o Stages
o Function
o Chromosome number
 Meiosis
o Stages
o Function
o Chromosome number
 Development
o stages
Chapter 9 – Genetics (10 questions)
 Inheritance patterns
o Dominant/recessive
o Mono and dihybrid
o Multiple alleles
o Sex linkage
o Phenotypic, genotypic ratios
o Pedigrees
Chapter 10 – Molecular Biology of the Gene (14 questions)
 The processes of:
o DNA replication
o Transcription
o Translation
 Viruses
o Anatomy
o Method of replication
o Retroviruses
Chapter 12 – DNA Technology (8 questions)
 Bacterial genetics
o Transformation
o Transduction
o Conjugation
 Recombinant DNA technology
o How is it done?
o What can be produced?
 The human genome
o What is it?
o How big is it?
 Nucleic acid probes
 Gel electrophoresis
Chapters 13, 14, 15, 16 – Evolution (21 questions)
 Darwin
 Mechanisms of evolution
o Natural selection
o Mutation
o Non random mating
o Genetic drift
o Sexual reproduction
o Geographical isolation
o Reproductive isolation
 Populations
o Definitions
o Effects of evolution on
o Hardy Weinberg calculations
 What is fitness?
 Fossils
 Speciation
 Taxonomy
o Domain through species in order
 The composition of early Earth’s atmosphere
o How life may have evolved
 Phylogeny of prokaryotes
o Differences between Archaea and Bacteria
 Prokaryotic shapes
 Prokaryotic anatomy and variations
Body Systems: Immune (3 questions)
 Function of the lymph system
 What is an antibody?
Lab based questions (9 questions)
 Starfish development lab
 DNA structure lab
 DNA transcription/translation lab
 Bacterial transformation lab
 Gel electrophoresis lab
Prefixes/suffixes (8)
 Only those given during Honors Biology B
Honors Biology B 3nd Trimester Final Exam 2013
(Chapters 8, 9, 10, 12-16 + labs)
SUGGESTED STUDY TECHNIQUES: Remember, rereading the chapter several times is not studying! Try
these strategies to improve your test performance:
Follow this procedure one chapter at a time! I do not suggest trying to do all of this in one
evening; try to spread it out over several days. Remember, you will have two final exams
each day, with no time between to study.
First, read the chapter summary, found at the end of every chapter. If there is something
there that you find unclear, go back and read that part of the chapter until you are satisfied
that you know the material. Be sure that all the vocabulary words used there are familiar to
you. If there are some that continually give you a problem, make a list of them with their
Then, read over your notes on the chapter. Using a highlighter, highlight important points.
Do not get carried away with the highlighter!
Now, try the questions at the end of the chapter. Remember, the answers to these
questions are in the back of your textbook. When you are incorrect, be sure you know why.
Just memorizing the correct answer will not help you on the test.
Try the ‘Testing Your Knowledge’ and ‘Applying Your Knowledge’ sections in the Study
Guide. Again, the answers are in the back of the Study Guide. If you miss a question, be
sure you know why the correct answer is correct!
Take the quiz offered on the CD. Follow the instructions above for incorrect answers.
Repeat the above for each chapter covered on the final exam.
Create your note card. Remember, it must be handwritten by you, 3x5 inches, and must
include your name. You may use both sides. Be sure it is organized so that you don’t waste
valuable test time trying to find topics on your card. Note: cards that are larger than 3x5
will be trimmed with scissors by the teacher to be 3x5 inches on the day of the exam!!!!
Get some sleep before exams! Research has shown that if you cram and then do not allow
enough sleep time after cramming and before exams, your brain cannot process and thus
not retain the material you were cramming into it!
Eat breakfast! It is not a good idea to take a test while fasting. The science you have
learned this semester should tell you why that is not a good idea.
Just before the exam, review your notes, and if you have made one, your ‘troublesome’
vocabulary list.
Relax! and take your exam.