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for Your Online Advertising
© 2015 ReachLocal. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission. ReachRetargeting™ is a trademark of ReachLocal.
super powers for your online advertising
When it comes to online advertising, no strategy is complete without the awesome power
of retargeting. Why? Retargeting shows your display ads to consumers who have already
expressed an interest in your products or services by searching for them online or by
visiting your website. In both instances, retargeting keeps your business top of mind
with consumers who are looking to buy what you offer.
With ReachRetargetinG, our retargeting solution for local businesses, you get the best
of both search and site retargeting. Here are some of ReachRetargeting ’s greatest super
powers that help you drive more results from your online marketing.
Super Power: Tracking
ReachRetargeting’s powerful tracking connects your brand with the right people – those who have previously
shown interest in your products and services – and drives them to take action. Its powerful tracking identifies the
right people to target based on previous actions they have taken with your business. And the greatest part is that
this online marketing technique pinpoints these interested consumers in two ways:
• Search Retargeting: Shows your display ads to people who have recently
searched for your target business keywords, including your business name
or specific products or services
• Site Retargeting: Shows your display ads to people who ’ve recently visited
your website (often by clicking a search ad or visiting through organic search)
Super Power: Speed
Not only can ReachRetargeting target highly-interested consumers, but it also goes to work almost immediately
once it’s initiated. Because a single visit to your website or a keyword-specific search from a consumer can trigger
retargeting, your ads will start being shown consumers who have not only expressed interest in your products or
services, but who have done so recently. This means by showing these prospects an ad with a specific message,
special promotion, or direct call-to-action while your business is still fresh in their minds, ReachRetargeting can
© 2015 ReachLocal. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission. ReachRetargeting™ is a trademark of ReachLocal.
super powers for your online advertising
reach consumers while they are interested in buying.
Plus, it can drive them immediately back to your website
or entice them to search for your business name. For
instance, upon seeing a ReachRetargeting ad,
consumers may:
• Search for your business name, then
click on your search ad or organic link
• click on your retargeted display ad
• Directly visit your website
Super power: repetition
ReachRetargeting campaigns are great because their impact is repeated over time. That means consumers who have
searched for your business or visited your website are not just exposed to your display ads once, but numerous times
as they surf their favorite sites across the Web. In other words, consumers may start their purchase path using search
engines to discover your business and then visit your website, but may not be ready to buy. By using retargeting,you
activate the power of repetition of your brand over time, keeping your business top of mind. That way, consumers
are more likely to remember your business when they are ready to buy.
Super power: MERGING
Merging is the ability to combine two entities into a single, stronger unit. And, in the case of online advertising,
merging search retargeting and site retargeting is more powerful than using one of these technologies alone.
With ReachRetargeting, your ads are shown to prospects who show interest in your business in two different
ways, which can result in more awareness, site visits, conversions, and leads, since you’re reaching even more
interested prospects.
Now that you’ve seen the few ways ReachRetargeting can super charge your online advertising,
are you ready to get started? Contact us at 1-866-978-9312 today to learn more about how
ReachRetargeting can drive more interested consumers to your website.
© 2015 ReachLocal. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission. ReachRetargeting™ is a trademark of ReachLocal.