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Unit 3 Review Sheet
The Universe
 Describe the Big Bang Theory.
What are the 2 major pieces of evidence for the expansion of the Universe
and why is each one important?
What is the approximate age of the Universe?
What is a light year?
 What is the name of our Galaxy?
What is the shape of our galaxy?
Where is our solar system located within our galaxy?
 How do stars produce their energy?
What is the fuel for stars on the main sequence?
Describe the life cycle for average size stars like the Sun and large stars.
Be able to use the H-R Diagram in your reference table on page 15.
Solar system
 Be able to use the planetary information chart of page 15.
Where is the asteroid belt located?
What are the 2 types of planets and list their differences?
o Density?
o Composition?
o Size?
o Number of moons?
What is the difference between rotation and revolution?
What is the shape of the planets orbits and what are the parts of each one?
How do you calculate eccentricity?
What is the range for eccentricity?
How does eccentricity change as you move the foci closer together and
further apart?
What two factors determine gravitational attraction?
Be able to put the following in order from largest to smallest:
 Planet
 Solar System
 Star
 Universe
 Galaxy