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1. Matching
Used to find speeds of objects moving
Towards or away from us
“island universe”
Star-like objects with large red-shifts
Stars whose brightness changes
Used to find distances to nearby stars
Doppler effect
Cepheid variables
2. Moon, planet, star, solar system, nebula, galaxy, Local Group.
4. The closer it is, the brighter it is. The further it is, the dimmer it is.
5. Spiral, elliptical, and irregular. The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy.
6. We are in the galactic plane. Our view of the centre of the galaxy is blocked by
nebulae, the sun, and dust.
7. Stars going away are red, and ones coming toward us are blue.
8. All things are spiraling away from the same original spot. And there is radiation
coming from all objects in space.
9. The earth and the universe is cooling. It also gives off radiation. Based on the age of
the universe it explains the relative coolness.
15a) 300,000 km/s x 3600 s/h = 1.08 x 109 km/h
15b) t = d/v
t = 1.5 x 108 km/300,000 km/s
t = 500 s
t = 8.33 minutes
15c) Time for particles to get here:
t = 1.5 x 108 km/20% x 300,000 km/s
t = 2500 s
t = 42 minutes