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Purpose: To assess the vision-releated quality of life before and after the cataract surgery among
the senile cataract patients.
Material-Methods: The Turkish translation of National Eye Institute Visual Functioning
Questionnaire (NEI-VFQ 25) was surveyed to the patients who were planned to have phaco
surgery at Istanbul Medical Faculty Department of Ophthalmology before and at least 3 months
after the surgery. Also demographic data(age, gender, education status), ocular findings(best
corrected visual acuity –BCVA before and after the surgery, type of cataract, ocular
comorbidity were collected.
Results: 19(54,3%) of the patients were female and 16(45,7%) were male. Ages were between
35 and 81 years. 23(65,7%) patients were older than 60 years. The mean age was 66,48±9.98.
BCVA according to the Snellen chart before surgery was 0,42±0,2. After the surgery it was
0,96±0,07. The BCVA of women before the surgery was 0,39±0,2 while the men’s BCVA was
0,46±0,2. The mean score of NEI-VFQ-TR 25 was 79,03±9,78 before the surgey , it increased
to 99,47±0,74 after the surgery (p=0,000). The men’s mean score was 81,8±7,6 and the
women’s mean score was 77,1±10,9 before the surgery. After the surgery stastistically
significant increase was seen in all scores(t= -10,25, -10,74, p=0,000). There was a stastically
meaningful difference between the mean scores of low educated(primary school and under)
and and the high educated(high school and upper) groups before the surgery(p=0,000).
Conclusion: NEI-VFQ-TR 25 is valid and reliable to assess the vision-releated quality of life
and psychosocial properties of cataract patients before and after the surgery
Key words: cataract; phaco; visual function, quality of life