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Mr. Franklin, Science Fair Coordinator
Science Fair Homepage
[email protected]
Elementary Science Fair
•Anyone in 4th and 5th grade
can participate!
•KDM Fair:
18 ,
Chester County Science Research
Competition – Jonas Salk Fair for
4th-5th graders
March 2017
•Top 10 projects from each Elementary
School (Five from 4th and Five from 5th)
will advance on to this level.
•Only 2 “group” projects per grade can
What is Science
• Science research is an
opportunity for you to
investigate an idea that
you find interesting.
• You can use books,
internet, encyclopedias,
parents, teachers,
scientists, etc.
Topic Ideas
Behavioral and Social Science:
Human and animal behavior, social and community
Study of plant life
Study of nature and composition of matter and laws
governing it
Plastics, fuels, pesticides, soil chemistry, etc.
More Project Categories
Computer Science
Study and development of computer hardware, software engineering, Internet
networking and communications, graphics (including human interface)
Consumer Science
Research normal use of products including product testing and comparison.
Study human preferences.
Earth and Space Science
Geology, oceanography, meteorology, geography, astronomy, planetary science,
Technology; manufacturing and practical uses
mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, electrical, photographic, sound, automotive,
marine, heating and refrigerating, transportation,, etc.
Environmental Science
Study of pollution (air, water, and land) sources and their control; ecology
And More!
Various numerical and algebraic computations,
Calculus, geometry, number theory, statistics, probability
Medicine and Health
Study of diseases and health of humans and animals
Theories, principles, and laws governing energy and the effect of energy on matter
Study of animals
Projects will be team projects if completed as a team, no matter what category area
they fall in from above.
Two or Three Teammates may work together.
How Do I Develop My Idea into
an Experiment?
• After you have learned
(researched) everything
you can about your
project idea, try to think
of a way to express your
question as a statement
that describes what you
think will happen. I
• This is your hypothesis!
Keeping a Log Book
• One of your most valuable pieces
of work resulting from your
science fair project will be your
log book or journal.
• This is a day by day record of
what you do.
• Be sure to include dates,
observations and your thoughts in
each entry.
Sharing Your Project
• Your science fair project is
an opportunity for you to
share the results of your
experiment with classmates,
adults, and other people
interested in your research.
• Organize your science fair
board in a logical way.
Check carefully for spelling
and grammar errors. Be
sure to include graphs,
charts and pictures.
How Does a Great Science Fair
Project Look?
An outstanding science fair project
is neat and well organized.
More Great Projects
What to do now!
1) Fill out Permission Form & bring
back to Mr. Franklin
2) Fill out the Research Plan
3) Fill in the highlighted paper
work and get a parent signature.
Meeting Dates
October 14th
October 21st – if project involves animals
October 28th – for EVERYONE else
November 18th
December 16th
January 6th
Any questions?
Contact Mr. Franklin
Science Fair Coordinator
K. D. Markley Elementary School
[email protected]