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All major branches of the brachial plexus contribute to its innervation.
The musculocutaneous nerve (1), through the anterior articular nerve of the elbow that comes out from either the main trunk of the nerve or the nerve to
the brachialis muscle.The median nerve (2), through its articular rami (upper and lower rami, ramus of the nerve to the pronator teres muscle) to the
anterior aspect of the joint.The ulnar nerve (3), through its articular rami (two to three) to the posterior and medial aspects of the joint.The radial nerve (4),
through nerves for the medial head of the triceps and to the anconeus muscle, is distributed to the posterior and lateral aspects of the joint.
Source: Chapter 132. Upper Limb Dermatomes, Myotomes, Sclerotomes, The Anesthesia Guide
Citation: Atchabahian A, Gupta R. The Anesthesia Guide; 2013 Available at: Accessed: May 06, 2017
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