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Example of how Humans Have
Interacted and changed the
environment through the ages.
• Alethic era
Old stone age
• Homo Erectus
Upright man. Discovered fire.
• Migration
To move from one place to
• Hunting and Gathering
A way early hominids
gathered food
• Livestock
Domesticated animals that
provide resources.
• Agriculture
• The knowledge of rising
plants and animals.
• Plow
A tool that could cut lift and
turn soil.
• Irrigation
A way to move water to
• Ziggurat
The largest building in the
• Bronze
A mixture of copper and tin.
• Caravans
Carried trade goods by
donkeys throughout the
Fertile Crescent and beyond.
• Silt
Soil and tiny rocks (very
• Delta
A triangular piece of land
formed from soil deposited
at the mouth of the river.
• Papyrus
A paper like material
• Hieroglyphs
A writing system using
picture symbols.
• Fables
A story which thought good
• Majority rules
Every member had 1 vote
The choice with the most votes
• Democracy
Rule by people
• Harbors
A sheltered place with deep
water close to shore.
• Colosseum
A vast Amphitheater in Rome.
• Road
A stone path leading from
one place to another.
• Aqueduct
A system of bridges and
canals that carry water from
a natural source such as a
river, pond, lake, etc.