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Which Topics Are Most Newsworthy? Why?
Gullies on Vesta Suggest Past WaterMobilized Flows
NASA Spitzer Telescope Witnesses Asteroid
Protoplanet Vesta, visited by NASA’s Dawn
spacecraft from 2011 to 2013, was once thought to
be completely dry, incapable of retaining water
because of the low temperatures and pressures at
NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted an
eruption of dust around a young star, possibly the
result of a smashup between large asteroids. This
type of collision can eventually lead
NASA Spacecraft Completes 40,000 Mars
MESSENGER Data Suggest Recurring
Meteor Shower on Mercury
NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter passed a
mission milestone of 40,000 orbits on Feb. 7, 2015,
in its ninth year of returning information about the
atmosphere, surface and subsurface of Mars
The closest planet to the sun appears to get hit by a
periodic meteor shower, possibly associated with a
comet that produces multiple events annually on
Earth. The clues pointing
A Hellacious Two Weeks on Jupiter’s Moon
NASA Rover Finds Active and Ancient
Organic Chemistry on Mars
Three massive volcanic eruptions occurred on
Jupiter’s moon Io within a two-week period in
August of last year. This led astronomers to
speculate that such “outbursts,” which can send
NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has measured a tenfold
spike in methane, an organic chemical, in the
atmosphere around it and detected other organic
molecules in a rock-powder sample collected by
85 Years after Pluto’s Discovery, NASA’s
New Horizons Spots Small Moons Orbiting
Jupiter’s Red Spot is Likely a Sunburn, Not a
Exactly 85 years after Clyde Tombaugh’s historic
discovery of Pluto, the NASA spacecraft set to
encounter the icy dwarf planet this summer is
providing its first views of the small
The ruddy color of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is likely
a product of simple chemicals being broken apart by
sunlight in the planet’s upper atmosphere, according
to a new analysis
Rosetta Comet ‘Pouring’ More Water Into
NASA and ESA Celebrate 10 Years Since
Titan Landing
There has been a significant increase in the
amount of water “pouring” out of comet
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the comet on which
the Rosetta mission’s Philae lander touched down
in November 2014.
Ten years ago, an explorer from Earth parachuted
into the haze of an alien moon toward an uncertain
fate. After a gentle descent lasting more than two
hours, it landed
Swirling Cloud at Titan’s Pole is Cold and
Next NASA Mission to Mars Reaches
Development Milestone
Scientists analyzing data from NASA’s Cassini
mission have discovered that a giant, toxic cloud is
hovering over the south pole of Saturn’s largest
moon, Titan, after the atmosphere there cooled
NASA’s InSight mission has begun the assembly,
test and launch operations (ATLO) phase of its
development, on track for a March 2016 launch to
Mars. The lander, its aeroshell and