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Glossary Term
back-to-back stem-andleaf plot
bar graph
bar notation
base angles of an
isosceles triangle
Used to compare two sets of data. The leaves for one set of
data are on one side of the stem, and the leaves for the other
set of data are on the other side.
A graph that compares different categories of data by showing
each category as a bar whose length is related to the frequency.
In repeating decimals, the line or bar placed over the digits that
repeat. Example: 2.63636363… = 2. 63 .
The equal angles formed by the base and the congruent sides
of an isosceles triangle.
base angles of a trapezoid
The pairs of angles of a trapezoid with their vertices at the
endpoints of the same base.
base in a percent
base of a threedimensional figure
base of an expression
base of an isosceles
The number to which the percentage is compared.
The faces on the top and bottom of the figure.
In an expression of the form xn, the base is x.
The side opposite the vertex angle.