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Chemical Engineering Honors Overview
Micah J. Green
How would you explain to your grandparents
what chemical engineering is?
My definition:
A chemist tries to understand what makes
molecules happy.
A chemical engineer manipulates molecules’
happiness for financial gain.
What’s wrong with my definition?
A chemist tries to understand what makes
molecules happy.
A chemical engineer manipulates molecules
happiness for financial gain. to create new
technology to solve the big problems facing
Distinctives of Chemical Engineering
• Science-heavy
– Physics, chemistry, biology
• Distinction between Chemistry & Chemical
– Multiscale
Distinctives of Chemical Engineering
• Broad Foundation
– Chemical Engineer can become _______ but not
vice versa
– What kinds of problems can a chemical engineer
Genetic engineering
• Jay Keasling – Discover Magazine’s
2006 “Scientist of the Year”
• Bacteria as reactors
• “Reprogram” bacteria genome to
make bacteria that eat cellulose
and produce:
– Artemisinin (kills malaria-carrying
– Biodiesel for cars
Coded Particle Probes
Firefly Bioworks
Distinctives of Chemical Engineering
• Close connection with industry
• Student Organizations (AIChE, OXE)
• Undergraduate research
EH-CHEN Track Requirements ( = basic College Honor Requirements).
18 Honors credits in courses offered by Engineering or Science,
 12 credits of engineering courses which include any course offered
by any department in the college of engineering.
 ENGR 181H
 4-6 credits of undergraduate research (491H)
 no more than 6 credits of 485H and 491H combined
 no more than 3 credits of S/U coursework
 no more than 6 credits of graduate courses registered for graduate
Honors Contracts
Pursue honors course contract designation with
direction of a Faculty member.
• 485H – Special Topics Course.
• 491H – Independent Research.
Note: Set up a separate Honors section, not
just contract.
Meet with Honors advisor each year
EHCC Contact in Chemical Engineering:
[email protected]