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An Introduction to SpeechLanguage Pathology
Undergraduates Students
By: Charmi Patel
What is Speech- Pathologist?
• Speech therapy (SLTs) are allied to health professionals.
They support and care for children and adults who have
difficulties with communication, sign language, eating
and swallowing.
What do you have to do to become
a speech-therapist?
• To become a speech pathologist you have to go to
graduate school.
• To get master’s degree and it’s maximum 2/3 year
• Take your boards exam.
• Many states also require to get certification license.
• Job growth is 23% from 2014-2024
What is the definition of ASHA?
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is a
professional association for speech language, hearing, and
How many language disorders are
Brain Tumor
 Speech
 Dysarthria
 Reading Disorder
 Vocal Tremor
Therapeutic Process
 Communicating Expectations
 Progress Monitoring
 Evaluation
 Give Motivation
 Writing Skills
 Assessment
Tell us more about
There is difference between an Articulation and a
Phonological disorder. An articulation disorder is the child’s
difficulty at phonteic/motoric level. Articulation disorder is
a speech sound disorder.
Phonological disorder also speech sound disorder that
affects the phonological level.
What are the ways to help a
hearing disorder patients?
•Say the person name before a conversation.
•Speak clearly
•Speak softly
•Avoid talking to fast
•Know where to position your self
•Don’t shout
What is Audiology?
The science of hearing balance and related disorders.
Health care professional specializing in identifying,
diagnosing, treating and mentoring disorder of the
auditory and system portions of the ear.
What is Dysphagia?
 Difficulties or discomfort and swallowing.
 Usually, a sign of a problem with your throat or
Voice Disorder
I. Speech- disorder is disease when a person is unable to
speck loud.
II. Hoarseness
III. Vocal strain or fatigue
IV. Loss of voice
V. Chronic cough or excessive throat clearing.
What is Language Impairment?
 ~ A Language Impairment is inability to master the
various systems of rules in language, it also interferes
with communications.
How many SLP cases happen in a
year in United State?
•Especially, in school they might have kids with SLP around 80
-100 who suffering from bureaucratic issues.
Adults its over 200 or 300 cases happens in year with many
disorders that they might be going through.
What are the pros and cons about
 Specking
 Thinking
 Writing
 Reading
 Maintaining a relationship
with patients.
 Trying to fit in with large
group of people.
 Difficulties participating in
What are the differences working
in school or hospitals?
 Hospital: Usually, they are fast paced environment, and
it gets hectic, also everyone going by there schedule
every single day specially, speech therapist they have to
see 15 to 20 patients a day and they also have to record
there patients. At times they get super busy when they
have outpatient coming in.
 School: You would have to plan out your day in school.
You work with the same kids all year, mostly language
based and speech issues. School isn’t that hectic
compare to hospitals.
How do you make a patient feel
comfortable ?
•Create an inviting environment.
•Educate your patients and their families.
•Spent time with your patients.
•Explain how there treatment will go.
•Give some skills towards swallowing.
•Tell them to swallow things step by step.
What are the ways to make
children feel comfortable?
To make them feel happy with things they love.
Play games with them and make them read.
Goal of the SLP is to empower children to handle teasing
and stuttering behaviors.
Speech Therapy Schools
 University of Iowa.
 Vanderbilt University
 La Salla University
 Winder University
 New York University
 Boston university
How much is a speech-therapist
$73,410 per year
$35.29 per hour
Important Resources!
 ASHA is a best resource out there to help adults and
 Best way to get more details:
 Professional Sites: