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Name:___________________________________________ Date:_________________________ Block:___________
Geometry Test #3 Review
Lesson 1.5-1.6
This is a review to prepare you for test #3. In addition to this review, you should study your notes, do now’s, past tests,
and vocabulary words.
1. Find mABC and mCBD
2. Use the picture to the right to determine whether the angles are vertical angles, linear pair, or neither.
a. 1 and3
b. 2 and3
c. 4 and5
d. 5 and8
3. Use the picture to the right to answer the following questions:
a) Line BD is a straight line. Find mAOB.
b) Name the adjacent angles sharing a common side of ray OC.
c) Line BD and Line AE intersect at point O. Find mBOE
d) Ray OC is a bisector of BOE Find mCOE
4. Use the picture to the right to answer the following questions:
a) Name the angles adjacent to 60 degrees:
b) Find mTOW
c) Find mZOW.
d) Name the angle that creates a linear pair with UOX
e) Name the angle that is a vertical angle to VOZ
5. Tell whether the figure is a polygon and whether it is convex or concave.
6. Classify the polygon by the number of sides. Tell whether the polygon is equilateral, equiangular, or regular.
Explain your reasoning.
9. Find the area and perimeter of the figures below:
10. Find the area of the shaded region in the following diagrams: