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Theatres of London
Presentation by Olga V.
School N 627
Answer the questions
1.Do you like the theatre?
2.What do you know about theatres in our
3.Are there many theatres in Saint Petersburg?
4.Are there any famous theatres in Saint
5.Do theatres differ from each other?
6.What do you know about theatres in
There many theatres in London.
English people are theatre
Now there are more than fifty
theatres in the West End of
There are some leading theatres
in London. They are the Royal
Company, the Old Vic Theatre
and The National Theatre.
Englishmen visit theatres on a
birthday or an anniversary.
Chess – musical
Chess premiered in London's
West End in 1986 and played
for three years. A radicallyrewritten Broadway version
opened in 1988 to poor
reviews and closed in just eight
It is occasionally produced by
regional theatrical companies,
sometimes merging elements
from both versions. ChessBaltimore, a version that
opened on March 19, 2004, is
based on the Broadway
The modern musical “Cats” by
Andrew Lloyd Webber attracts young
people. Its unusual plot, characters
and brilliant music impress the public
very much. “Cats” the musical is
based on the book by T.S. Elliot Old
Possum’s book of practical
cats. It is about life of cats that love
and suffer like people.
The most famous song
is called ‘’Memory”.
Listen to it, please.
“The Phantom of the Opera”
• “The Phantom of the Opera” was
written in 1986 by Andrew Lloyd
Webber, composer of “Jesus
Christ Superstar”, “Evita”and
• It has been successfully playing
in London and New York since it
opened many years ago.
Practice 1
Write three forms of the regular and
irregular verbs.
live find be enter know leave
have cover travel learn decide die
make marry disappear understand do
look rush
love capture free
Practice 2
Choose the appropriate verb from the exercise above to
complete this story about the Phantom of the Opera.
The Phantom of the Opera
Part II
The Phantom ……. in the basement of the Paris Opera House.
People who……. the basement couldn't…….
the way
out. Who ……. he? A ghost, a living being, a monster? Only
Christine……. that the Phantom……. an unhappy man
who……. born so ugly that he……. to cover his face with a
mask. He……. around the world and……. many things, he…….
many fascinating stories and legends and he ……. a great
singer. At last the Phantom……. on kidnapping
(похищение) Christine and ……. her ……. him. When
Christine ……. Raoul ……. who……. it: it ……. the Phantom.
Raoul……. to the basement and……. by the Phantom. In the
long run the Phantom……. that Christine……. love him.
He……. Christine and Raoul. They ……. Paris forever and
……. alone in a quiet place. The Phantom……. in the basement
of the Opera House alone and lonely.
- Write a composition on the topic “My
favourite musical” either “My
favourite performance” or “My
favourite theatre”, or “Theatres of