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Notebook Check 12-11-15
• Chapter Six Agenda
• Chapter Six Vocabulary
• Chapter Six Vocabulary Quiz
• Chapter Six Review
• Chapter Six Test
Questions For Chapter Six Review
• Note – Any Chapter Six vocabulary word may appear on the quiz
1. All of the following were achievements of the Tand and Song Dynastys
2. What practice for women began under the Song Dynasty
3. What is the correct chronological order of these dynasties?
4. The Mongol Empire was divided into four separate territories called?
5. In 1271, Kubli Khan changed the name of the Mongol dynasty in China to?
6. The controversial figure/merchant who talks about the excesses and beauty
of China was?
7. Which of the following was not a Muslim Gunpoweder Empire?
Questions For Chapter Six Review
8. He earned the title “the conqueror” by leading the Ottomans in conquering
9. In the Seljuk Empire, the vizier was a type of
10. Who were the mamelukes?
11. Historically, people have moved west and south across the steppe because of
12. The fall of the Tang Dynasty was caused in great part by
13. Their religious beliefs are a mixture of the doctrines of Buddhism, Hinduism,
and Sufism
14. The Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife
15. The Ottoman Empire reached its peak size and grandeur during the reign of
Questions For Chapter Six Review
16. What title means " supreme general of the emperor's army"?
17. Many traders to and from China travelled on the route called the
18. Unlike his ancestors, Kublai lived most of his life in _________ instead of
19. All of the following modern-day states were once part of the Mongol Empire
20. As the emperor of China, Kublai Khan founded the ____________ Dynasty
21. To which religious groups did the Mughals belong to
22. What contributed to the decline of both the Ottoman and Safavid Empire