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Anglia Health Protection Team
Anglia and Essex Centre, PHE
Thetford Community Healthy Living Centre
Croxton Road
Thetford IP24 1JD
T +44 (0)844 225 3546
F +44 (0)1842 765260
To All Practice Managers
Dear Colleague
Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010
Further to previous correspondence some GP practices are still sending Notifications
of Infectious Disease or Food Poisoning to incorrect or old addresses.
In order for the Anglia Health Protection Team to take prompt public health
action all Notifications of Infectious Disease must be made direct to the local
Health Protection Team. Our contact details are:
Telephone: 0844 225 3546
Secure fax: 01842 765260
Anglia Health Protection Team
Thetford Community Healthy Living Centre
Croxton Road
IP24 1JD
The Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010 (SI 2010/659) came into force
on 6 April 2010. These improved and extended the previous arrangements for
statutory notification of infectious diseases in England.
This new system builds on the Health and Social Care Act 2008 which introduced an
'all hazards' approach to health protection whereby the need for action is determined
by the potential for a case of human infection or contamination to present a
significant public health hazard, rather than by reference to a list of specified
infectious diseases, as had been the case since the late 19th century.
The regulations facilitate prompt investigation of, and response to, public health
risks. They require registered medical practitioners (RMPs), and laboratories, to
notify not only a specific list of notifiable infectious diseases and causative agents
(listed in Schedules to the regulations), but also requires RMPs to notify cases of
other infections (such as those caused by new or emerging diseases) or
contamination, such as with chemicals or radiation, that may pose a significant risk
to public health.
A copy of the current Notification Form is attached
Yours sincerely
Dr Giri Shankar
Interim Local Director of Health Protection
Anglia Health Protection Team
Anglia and Essex Public Health England Centre
Registered medical practitioner notification form template
Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010: notification to the proper officer of the
local authority.
Registered Medical Practitioner reporting the disease
Post code
Contact number
Date of notification
Notifiable disease
Disease, infection or
Date of onset of symptoms
Date of diagnosis
Date of death (if patient died)
Index case details
First name
Gender (M/F)
NHS number
Home address
Post code
Current residence if not home
Post code
Contact number
Occupation (if relevant)
Work/education address (if
Post code
Contact number
Overseas travel, if relevant
(Destinations & dates)
Please send completed forms to the local Health Protection Team.
Anglia Health Protection Team, Thetford Community Healthy Living Centre, Croxton
Road, Thetford, IP24 1JD, Secure fax: 01842 765260