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Data Scientist - Resume
409-35 Cedarcroft Blvd. Toronto, Ontario. M2R2Z4
(647) 947-1563 | [email protected]
An engineering information focused data scientist, which enjoy processing any type of data. These
are the things that fascinate and make me love what I do and strive to improve upon my knowledge.
I like to go inside the data and make sense of informatics so that I can translate the data into
everyday language that provide improved business solutions. The more complex the data the better.
I can gather the information, analyze it and plan a project to open up new frontiers for how business
can be done in the future. While all of this is being done, I can setup and manage the systems that
are providing the data and process reports so that everyone is always on the same page.
I use tools such as Tableau, Circos, Pentaho, MicroStrategy, R, Spotfire, D3.js, MAPINFO and
Oracle Server; platforms such as UNIX, Windows and Linux; languages including PHP, UNIX Shell
Scripting and C; and provide risk assessment, QA, research and development and project
management. I am absolutely fascinated with informatics and all that communication technologies
and data visualization entails.
Doctorate Degree
University of Havana. Cuba
Geomatics and Data visualization.
Master of Science
Caspian Red Banner Naval Academy. Azerbaijan
Electronic Digital Charting & Navigational Display
Bachelor in Engineering
Caspian Red Banner Naval Academy. Azerbaijan
Hydrographic and oceanographic Engineering
Interactive Digital Mapping: Based on the development and application of Interactive Web
Mapping, GIS Applications, Visual Analytics.
Teaching upper-level courses in Cartography: supporting the expansion of Geo-visualization
tools and techniques.
Communications and Project Management: Able to translate the data cloud into story tale
that facilitates any decision making process at any level and communication with diverse
stakeholders to take a project from start to finish. Collaborate with product teams to create
and enhance the internal data platform and to support ongoing analyses hereafter.
Analytics: Utilize analytic applications to identify trends and relationships between different
data elements, draw appropriate conclusions and translate analytic findings into multivariate
risk management and marketing strategies that drive value.
Strategic Thinking: Able to influence the strategic direction of the institution by identifying
opportunities in large, rich data sets and creating and implementing data driven strategies
that fuel growth including revenue and profits.
Drive Enhancements: Develop tools and reports that help users access and analyze data
resulting in higher revenues and margins and a better customer experience.
Modeling: Design and implement statistical / predictive models and cutting edge algorithms
utilizing diverse sources of data to predict demand, risk and price elasticity. Experience with
creating ETL processes to source and link data.
NoSQL data stores (CouchDB, DocumentDB, MongoDB, XML-databases)
MySQL, MapReduce, SAS
Large-scale, distributed systems design and development
Scaling, performance and scheduling and ETL techniques
UNIX Shell Scripting, C, HTML+CSS, XML, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP
Other Technical expertise includes…
Platforms: UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX), Windows , Linux
Linux: Bash, Apache, MySQL, Virtualization/Cloud (OpenVZ)
Tools: Tableau, Circos, Pentaho, MicroStrategy, R, Spotfire, D3.js, Matlab,
ArcGIS Pro and PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Server, SAGA, ERMAPPER,
MAPINFO, Global Mapper Scripting, Quatum GIS and OpenJUMP,
Part-Time Faculty. Geomaticist and DataViz,
2015 – 2016
Core Technologies: Interactive Digital Mapping, Interactive Web Mapping, GIS Applications, Visual
Selected Contribution:
Develop statistical models to forecast inventory and procurement cycles.
 Assist in developing internal tools for data analysis.
Halifax, NS
Data Scientist,
2012 – 2015
Core Techniques: Statistics, Algorithms, Data Mining, Visualization
Selected Contribution:
Implemented techniques for modeling complex data-mining problems, discovering data
insights and identifying opportunities and multivariate risk.
Analyze large data-sets to provide strategic direction to the company.
Perform quantitative analysis of incident data trends to recommend executive decisions.
 Conduct cost and benefit analysis on new mitigation plans and ideas.
 Scrutinize and track maritime vessel behavior to identify trends and unmet coverage.
Dartmouth, NS
Technical Data Analyst,
2010 – 2012
Core Technology: Data Mining, Data Visualization
Selected Contributions:
Executed data quality to ensure data was congruent and reliable.
 Proposed new and innovative ways to look at problems by using data mining techniques.
Halifax, NS
DataViz Consultant,
2009 – 2015
Core Technique: Data Analysis and Visualization
Selected Contributions:
Supported the data trends and risk management using an experimental and iterative
 Discovered new patterns from large data-sets to be used for decision making processes.
 Applied data visualization technique to present technical findings by exposing assumptions
and demonstrating accuracy in a way that is easily understood by stakeholders and final
users in general.
Havana, Cuba
Spatial Data Researcher,
2007 – 2009
Core Technology: Data visualization Tools
Selected Contribution:
Promoted the use of the visualization as referenced model in the research of complex
data-set of environmental data in different scenarios.
 Presented multiple and cross-disciplinary stakeholders with the technical basis to make
environmental decisions considering multiple criteria factors.
Havana, Cuba
Data Engineer,
1990 – 2007
Core Technology: Mapping, Data Products, Network Design, Systems Analysis and Development
Selected Contributions:
Implemented secure network design, systems analysis, and full life cycle project
Hands-on experience leading all stages of system development efforts, including
requirements definition, design, architecture, testing, and support.
English (fluent), Russian (fluent), Spanish (mother language), French (proficient)
Programmer | Web Developer
 Coded, tested, debugged, implemented and documented apps using HTML5/ CSS, Java and
 Developed e-Commerce solutions and social networking functionality.
 Designed, developed and maintained e-Commerce and social networking applications.
 Built report interfaces and data feeds.
 Gathered and collected information from various programs, analyzed time requirements and
prepared documentation to change existing programs.
 Data Crowd-sourcing analysis and visualization