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Presented by: Mee Cha
ISM 158
Spring 2010
What is Information Visualization?
 visual representation of data
 amplify cognitive performance
 makes analyses more accessible and understandable to a
general business audience
 One Look = quick absorption
 Challenge = matching data to right style of visualization to the
point you are trying to convey
 Requires people with a lot of creativity to effectively
communicate data
 Easy to copy, difficult to create!
The Twingly Screensaver visualizes the blogosphere worldwide in real time. You get a continuous feed of blog activity straight
to your screen. (Source)
What are IV’s advantages?
A simple quote from Confucius:
What I hear, I forget;
What I see, I remember;
But what I do, I understand
Visualization makes sense of data
With the right visual picture, people can make better decisions, faster, backed with more
information (IT Coaching)
Business Intelligence Tool
Powerful for analytics
 reveal patterns/trends
 risk forecasting
Competitive Advantages
 allows decision-makers to more quickly understand the hidden relationships in their data and
identify trends that can be exploited for competitive advantage
Who benefits?
 Businesses
 Business Partners
 Customers
Business Level Services
 IBM ILOG Visualization
 Advanced graphical displays for user interface developers
 link to site
 link to site
 Tableu
 visual data exploration
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