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Quiz Review 6.1 to 6.3
Name: ___________________________________ Date: _______________
1.) Simplify the ratio. Remember you nee
5 ft
b.) 1600m: 5km
2.) Find the ratio of a side length in  ABC to a side length in  DEF. Then simplify the ratio.
3.) The perimeter and the ratio of the length to the width of a rectangle are given. Find the length and width of
the rectangle and then the area of the rectangle.
a.) Perimeter: 36 cm
l  w  8 :1
a.) Perimeter: 50 in
l  w  3: 2
Area = ________
Area = _________
4.) Solve the proportion.
3 x
2 8
x  3 x 1
x x 8
6.) The ratio of the two side lengths for the triangle is given. Solve for the variable.
7a.) A car toy model is a replica of an actual car. The ratio of the toy to the actual car is 1in:3 feet. If the car
model is 2 inches long, what is the length of the actual car?
7b.) The current ratio of Euro’s to American dollars is 1:1.24. If you have $500 to exchange, how many Euros
would you receive (not including any conversion fees).
8.) Copy and complete each statement.
a.) If
10 ?
 , then
7 ?
10 y
b.) If
3 x ?
3 9
 , then
x y
9.) Decide whether the statement is true or false.
x s
x t
 , then 
y t
s y
10.) Use the diagram and the given information to find the unknown length.
11.) The distance between two locations on a map is given along with the actual distance between the two
locations. Find the scale of the map.
a.) Map distance: 6 inches; Actual: 48 miles
b.) Map distance: 3 inches; Actual: 240 miles
12.) List all pairs of congruent angles for the figure. Then write the ratios of the corresponding sides in a
statement of proportionality.
13.) Determine whether the polygons are similar. If they are, write a similarity statement and find the scale
15.) In the diagram, WXYZ  MNOP.
a.) Find the scale factor of WXYZ to MNOP.
b.) Find the values of x, y, and z.
c.) Find the perimeter of WXYZ.
d.) Find the ratio of the perimeter of MNOP to
the perimeter of WXYZ.
16. The measure of the angles of a triangle are in a ratio of 1:2:2. Find the measures of the angles and then
classify the triangle by its sides and angles.