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Blood II
L.O: To explain what blood
What is in blood?
• Red blood cells, white blood cells platelets
and plasma – what do these do?
• RBC – O2
• Plasma –CO2, soluble food, waste
• Platelets – clots blood at area of cut
• WBC antibody production and
Red blood cells
• Contain haemoglobin – protein containing
iron that picks up O2 when RBC pass
through lungs
• Adaptations – no, nucleus, haemoglobinhigh affinity for O2
• Becomes oxyhaemoglobin
• Oxygen + haemoglobin oxyhaemoglobin
• Oxygen is released at cells for respiration
• Oxyhaemoglobin Oxygen + haemoglobin
Transport of urea
• Toxic chemical formed from the
breakdown of proteins
• Made in liver and excreted through
• Transported in plasma
• Diagram
Transport of food
• Glucose, amino acids and other water
soluble substances transported in plasma
• What cannot be transported in plasma?
• Fats-transported in lymphatic system
• Diagram