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Circulatory System
Silent Tea Party Review
1. What is Plasma?
Liquid part of blood that is mostly water; about 55% of blood
2. What is Hemoglobin?
Molecule that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the
3. What are Platelets?
Irregular shaped cell fragments that help clot blood
4. What is Diffusion?
A type of passive transport within cells in which molecules move
from areas were there are more of them to area where there is
less of them
5. What is the function of Capillaries?
Blood vessels that connect arteries and veins.
6. What is the function of Arteries?
Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart
7. What is the function of Veins?
Blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart and also contain
8. What is Lymph?
Fluid that drains the cells and has diffused into the lymphatic
9. What is a Tissue?
Group of similar cells that work together to do a certain job
10. What is the function of white blood cells?
helps fight infections.
11. What is the function of red blood cells?
carry oxygen throughout the body.
12. What are the Four chambers of the heart?
the right atrium and ventricle, left atrium and ventricle.
13. What is the function of the right ventricle?
pumps blood into the Lungs
14. What is the function of the Left ventricle?
Pumps blood to all the organ systems
15. What are the coronary arteries?
Blood vessels that supply blood to the heart muscles
16. What are valves?
Structures found in the heart and veins that keep the blood
flowing in one direction.
17. What is an electrocardiogram?
recording of electric activity of the heart
18. What is angina pectoris?
A narrowing of the arteries leading to the heart causing chest
19. What is a stroke?
A blockage of an artery leading to the brain.
20. What is anemia?
The blood contains too few red blood cells or those blood cells
do not have enough hemoglobin.
21. What is Leukemia?
The blood contains too many abnormal white blood cells.
22. What is a heart attack?
A blockage of an artery leading to the Heart.
23. What is high blood pressure?
A condition in which the force on the walls of the arteries and
heart become too high and weakens them.
24. What is pulmonary circulation?
Blood flow from the heart to the lungs and back.
25. What is systemic circulation?
Blood flow throughout the whole body except the lungs.
26. What is a lymph node?
A structure that has many white blood cells that help filter the
blood of pathogens.
27. What is a pathogen?
Any foreign invader to the body that causes infection.(bacteria,
virus,fungus , or protist)
28. Which blood cells would be most numerous in a
blood smear?
Red blood cells
29. Which portion of the blood carries nutrients to
the body cells?
30. What 2 processes are involved in transport in an
Diffusion and cyclosis
31. What is the septum?
Tissue that divides the right side of the heart from
the left side
32.Draw a flow chart of blood as it gets pumped through
the heart.
33. What is an Open Circulatory System?
The blood is not always in a blood vessel.
through sinuses
It ravels
34. What is a Closed Circulatory System?
The blood is always in blood vessels
35. What is fibrinogen?
The protein found in the blood that will be activated
to form Fibrin by the enzyme thrombin