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A) List of EXPERIMENTAL SET-UPs.-Dept. of Physics
1. Complete set-up for the determination of Young’s modulus of material of a wire
by torsional oscillation (Searl’s) method.
2. Complete set-up for the determination of the co-efficient of viscosity of water by
3. Complete set-up for the determination of the co-efficient of liner expansion of a
metal by optical lever.
4. Complete set-up for the measurement of the wavelength (λ) of a monochromatic
light by using Lloy’s mirror.
5. Complete set-up for the following Laser Experiments:
a. Determine the power distribution within the beam of a laser.
b. Measure the beam-spot size of the given laser.
c. Determine the slit width from the study of Fraunhofer diffraction pattern
using laser.
d. Verify the Malus law using laser.
6. Complete set-up for determination of the moment of a bar magnet and horizontal
component of earth’s magnetic field by magnetometers.
7. Complete set-up for measurement of resistance of a suspended coil galvanometer
by half deflection method.
8. Complete set-up for the determination of Mechanical equivalent of heat by
Joule’s calorimeter.
9. Complete set-up for measurement of frequency of a unknown tuning fork using
10. Complete set-up( including cathode ray oscilloscope) for the design and develop a
circuit using IC 741 to measure the input offset voltage, input offset current, Slew
rate and voltage gain.
B) Specifications of equipments for project works of Prof. M. Bhuyan, Dept. of
Electronics & Comm. Engg.
1. Digital Multimeter
 DC voltage: 0.1V, 1V, 10V, 100V, and 1000V
 AC voltage: 0.1V, 1V, 10V, 100V, and 750V
 DC current: 10mA, 100mA, 1A, and 3A
 AC current: 1A and 3A
 Two- and four-wire resistance: 100, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1M, 10M,
and 100M
 Frequency: From 3Hz to 300kHz
 Period measurement
 Diode measurement
 Signal to noise optimization facility.
 USB Interface and supporting software
 6-1/2 digit
10.00000 V
100.0000 V
10 μV
100 μV
1000.000 V
1 mV
100.0000 mA 1.000000 A
100 nA
1 μA
3.00000 A
100.0000 Ω
1.000000 kΩ
10 μA
100 μΩ
1 mΩ
10.00000 kΩ 100.0000 kΩ
10 mΩ
100 mΩ
1.000000 MΩ 10.00000 MΩ
10 Ω
100.0000 MΩ
100 Ω
2. Data Acquisition Systems:
i) USB based data acquisition card with interfacing cable
 Labview compatible
 Supports USB 2.0
 Bus-powered
 16 analog input channels single ended and 8 differentials, and mV and microvolt
2 analog output channels.
12-bit resolution
Sampling rate up to 150 KHz
8 DI/ 8 DO, 2 AO and one 32-bit event counter
Wiring terminal on modules
Suitable for DIN-rail mounting
Lockable USB cable for rigid connection
High input impedance of at least 1G
Programmable input voltage range selection.
Output Impedance , < 1 ohm
Operation Mode Single output
Accuracy Relative: ±1 LSB Differential Non-linearity: ±1 LSB
Digital input channel 8
ii) PCI based data acquisition card with interfacing cable
 Labview compatible
 4 single-ended analog input channels
 12-bit A/D converter, with up to 30 MHz sampling rate
 Programmable gain
 Onboard FIFO memory
 4 A/D converters simultaneously sampling
 Multiple A/D triggering modes
 Programmable pacer/counter
Analog Input
 Channels 4 single-ended
 Resolution 12 bits
 Max. Sampling Rate 30 MS/s
 Over voltage Protection 30 Vp-p
 Input Impedance 50 Ω/1 MΩ/Hi Z jumper selectable/100 pF
 Sampling Modes Software polling, pacer
 Trigger Modes Post-trigger, pre-trigger, delay-trigger, and about-trigger
 Bipolar ±5V ±2.5V ±1V and lower voltages
iii) PCI based data acquisition card with interfacing cable
Analog Input
 Labview compatible
 Channels 16 single-ended or 8 differential (software programmable)
 Resolution 12-bit
 On-board FIFO 4 K samples
 Conversion Time 8 ms
 Maximum Input ±30 V over voltage protection
Input Range (V, software programmable)
Minimum sampling rate 100 KS/s
Input impedance 0.5 G or more
Analog output Channels 2 Resolution 12-bit
Relative Accuracy ±1/2 LSB
Gain Error ±1 LSB
Throughput 38 KS/s (min.)
Slow Rate 10 V/ms
Output Range Internal reference: 0 ~ +5 V @ -5 V,
(software programmable)
 Digital output Channels 16
Input Voltage Low: 0.4 V max.
High: 2.4 V min.
Input Load: Low: -0.2 mA @ 0.4 V
High: 20 mA
iv) IR non-contact thermometer (Hand held type):
Maximum 500 °C
± 1.5 ºC
±1 °C
Response time
< 0.5 Sec
Distance to object
height ratio
Spectral range
Display resolution
0.2 °C or selectable
Ambiant temp
0 to 50 °C
Relative humidity
10-90 % RH
Distance to object
Laser type
Single offset laser
Battery charging
12 hours
6.5 –18 microns thermopile
Storage temperature
-20 ºC to 65 ºC
Laser sighting and Backlit
v) IR non-contact Thermometer with interfacing cable
( USB based data logging type):
Up to 600°C
± 3.0 ºC
±1 °C
Response time
< 0.5 Sec
Distance to object
6-8 m
Spectral range
6.5 –18 microns thermopile
Display resolution
0.2 °C or selectable
Ambiant temp
0 to 50 °C
Relative humidity
10-90 % RH
Laser type
Single offset laser
Battery life (alkaline)
12 hours
Storage temperature
-20 ºC to 65 ºC
Laser sighting and Backlit
Data logging
3. FPGA Systems:
Xilinx System Edition ( Logic Edition + Accel DSP + System
Generator + Embedded development kit) : Only basic user( nonmultiple user)
Xilinx XUP Spartan 3E starter kit with USB programming cable
Xilinx XUP Virtex II Pro Board with USB cable
512 MB SDRAM, Make: Xilinx
Xilinx Video Decoder Board for V2Pro
Xilinx Compact Flash (512 MB)
Xilinx University Trainer kit –Add-on board for Spartan 3,
Spartan 3E & V2Pro
Xilinx Virtex-4 Logic Evaluation Platform
Xilinx Virtex-4 DSP Evaluation Platform
Xilinx Virtex-4 Embedded Evaluation Platform
Xilinx USB Platform Cable
Xilinx Xtreme DSP Starter Kit -Spartan 3A 1800A Edition
Xilinx Xtreme DSP Develoment Board - Spartan 3A 3400A
( Note: The quotations should accompany make, model-number and technical
brochure/leaflet of the products)
Terms & Conditions:
1. The rates should be quoted along with specifications and supporting documents
(technical details and brochures, etc.).
2. Quotations should be accompanied byi. A call deposit (earnest money) amounting to Rs. 5,000/- pledged in favour of
the Registrar, Tezpur University, payable at Tezpur.
3. Quotation for each category/departments should be given in separate covers.
3. The rates should be exclusive of taxes and applicable tax % should be clearly indicated.
4. The University is exempted from Custom & Excise duty.
5. Terms and Conditions of supply should be clearly indicated in the quotations.
6. The supplier should be in a position to deliver and install the ordered items within the
stipulated time mentioned in the supply order.
7. Items must be delivered at Napaam campus of the University at the cost of the supplier.
8. The rates should be valid at least for a period of one year.
9. Lowest quotation will not be sole criteria for qualification/selection.
10. Proprietary items should be quoted with sole Manufacturer’s/ Distributorship’s
11. The University reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the quotations without
assigning any reason.
12. Applications should be forwarded to the Registrar for release of call deposit against
unaccepted quotations.
13. No separate tender paper will be issued from the office; one should only download
the specifications from the web site.
Sd/- Registrar