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World History Study Guide Ch 16 Exploration
Define terms and people.
1. Roger Bacon-
2. Scientific Revolution3. Scientific Method4. Geocentric Theory5. Heliocentric Theory6. Nicolaus Copernicus7. Galileo Galileo8. Johannes Kepler9. Isaac Newton10. Andreas Vesalius11. Rene Descartes12. Francis Bacon13. Robert Boyle14. Compass15. Joint- Stock Company16. Commercial Revolution17. Mercantilism-
18. Favorable balance of trade19. Tariffs20. Subsidies21. Bullion22. Prince Henry the Navigator23. Bartolomeu Dias24. Vasco da Gama25. Christopher Columbus26. Columbian Exchange27. Treaty of Tordesillas28. Amerigo Vespucci29. Ferdinand Magellan30. Triangular trade31. Middle Passage32. Ponce de Leon33. Montezuma II34. Francisco Pizarro35. Viceroys36. Charles V37. Phillip II-
38. William of Orange39. Guerrilla Warfare40. Line of Demarcation41. Conquistador42. Entrepreneur43. Herman Cortes44. Henry Hudson45. Jacques Cartier46. Samuel de Champlain47. John Cabot48. Cartographer-
Answer questions in complete sentences.
1. Why the scientific developments of the 1500’s and the 1600 were’s later called Scientific
2. What role did the Renaissance play in the development of Science?
3. Why did the study of nature change during the 1500’s and the 1600’s?
4. What were some of the important scientific discoveries made during this period?
5. What did the work of Galileo, Newton, Vesalius, van Leeuwenhoek, and Lavoisier have
in common?
6. How did communications advances contribute to learning, discovery, and new scientific
methods in Europe?
7. List some of the new technology for exploration.
8. Where was the compass invented?
9. What are cartographers?
10. What effect did standardization of money have on the ability of countries to trade?
11. What was the overall aim of mercantilism?
12. Why were some Europeans willing to explore and colonize distant lands?
13. Why Portugal and Spain wanted to find a sea route to Asia?
14. Why were spices important to European?
15. Name two Portuguese explorers?
16. What significant event happened in 1492?
17. Where did Columbus think he was when he was in the New World?
18. Who was Ferdinand Magellan?
19. What is a conquistador?
20. Why did the trading posts set up by the Portuguese allow them to control trade with the
21. What were the goals that Spain had for its American Empire?
22. How did the treatment of Native Americans differ for in the colonies of? Spain, France,
and England?
23. What is triangle trade?
24. What is middle passage?
25. What is mercantilism?
26. Why did the Dutch turned to commerce instead of agriculture in the late 1500’s?
27. What was the middle passage was like for the enslaved Africans?
28. What ways the French and the English differed in their aims for the colonies?
29. How a joint stock company enabled small investor to profit from a major voyage?
30. Where the English and Spanish justified in colonizing the Americas? Why or Why not?
31. How would the colonies have been different of Europeans had not used slave labor?
32. Why was the Dutch eager to establish overseas colonies?
33. How did the Spanish expand their colonial empire?
34. What factors led to successful rise of Dutch exploration in the 1600’s?
35. What factors led to the decline of the Spanish Empire?
36. What were some of the factors that led Charles to spilt up his lands?
37. What were some of the factors that allowed so few Europeans to conquer large numbers
of peoples in the Americas?
38. What do you think might have happened on the African continent if the European slave
trade had not taken place?