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Also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder
 The word Autism comes from the Greek word “autos”
meaning “self.” The term describes conditions in which
a person is removed from social interaction.
 Eugen Bleuler, a psychiatrist first use the term in 1911 in
 It was discovered when a group of scientists studied
behaviors of a group of kids and saw that some where
more socially withdrawn.
Autism is more present in males because it is passed down
from the Y sex chromosome. Women carry two X
chromosome, while men carry 1 X from their mother and one
Y from the father. If a mutation occurs on the Y chromosome,
only the male would be affected. If a mutation occurs on the
X chromosome, it does not affect the women because they
carry a backup chromosome. Their daughter could be
affected if the mother passed down the same X chromosome
that was mutated. The Y chromosome is important to brain
development but has a very high frequency of multiple
Autism primarily effects children at a young age, but as
they grow older, they never outgrow Autism, it just
becomes easier to deal with. The symptoms vary from
person to person but autism generally effects brain
development and social skills. Some children could only
have mild impairments but some others have more
obstacles to overcome. The most common problems
among kids with autism is verbally and nonverbally
communicating, relating to others and the world around
them, and thinking and behaving flexibly.
Autism affects brain development. The patients who suffer
with autism have troubles with communication and
understanding the world around them.
Diagnosing Autism can be difficult because there is no
medical test, like a blood test, to prove the patient
positive. Children are born with Autism but usually goes
unnoticed until around two years of age. Doctors look for
their development to make a diagnosis. Children who
have less motor skills for their age group could be a sign of
The disorder will vary from person to person and therefore
the prognosis will very for every person. So the doctor
can’t tell what the prognosis will be for every person. The
disorder can impact some people with speech and
communication skills, so they could take speech therapy.
The disorder impacts family members by putting stress on
the parents which causes them to break up under stress of
living with someone with autism, which puts a massive
financial burden on them.
Most medications you can take for autism
are very effective when used in conjunction
and behavioral therapies. There is no
standard medicine for the treatment but you
can take a medicine called selective
serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).
Some therapies that people with autism can
do is they can do behavioral therapy,
animal-assisted therapy. And they can do
speech therapy. is doing research on
autism. There aren’t many treatments beside therapy but
they’re working on it and hope to get closer to a cure.
A PhD student named Hannah Louise Belcher is studying
missed diagnosis in females for Autism. She was diagnosed
with Asperger’s Syndrome at 23. She could find little
research though. Until she had the idea to ask females to
explain their struggles with Autism. She interviewed a little
girl that told her what she loved to do most, organizing
parties. She realized that people with Autism were just like
everyone else.
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