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Complex Types of Inheritance (exceptions to Mendel’s rules)
Incomplete Dominance
When yellow guinea pigs (YY) are crossed with white guinea pigs (Y' Y'), cream-colored offspring (YY') are produced.
Can a pet-store owner mate a cream-colored male and a white female to obtain yellow guinea pigs?
Yes or No :
Oompa Loompa hair color shows incomplete dominance. Orville Oompa is homozygous for red hair (RR) and is married
to Opal Oompa who brags that she has the bluest hair in the valley (R1R1). The intermediate phenotype is purple. How
many of Opal's children will be able to brag about their blue hair also?
How many? :
A cross between a red camilia (RR) and a white camellia (WW) produces a red and white spotted camelia (RW). If a red
and white spotted camellia is crossed with a white camellia, what will be the possible phenotypes of the resulting
Probable phenotypes :
Multiple Alleles
If mom has blood type AB and the father has blood type O, what is the phenotypic ratio of a cross between these two?
What blood types are impossible for this offspring?
Phenotypic ratio:
Impossible blood types:
A woman with type AB blood marries a man with type A blood. His mother had type O blood. What blood type is not
likely to occur among this couple's children?
Unlikely blood type :
Remember that in humans, the gene for Rh positive (pos.) blood is dominant over the gene for Rh negative (neg.) blood.
Let’s talk about Bill. Bill is has blood type A negative, and has the homozygous dominant genotype for everything. Bill’s
wife, Jill, is AB pos. and is purebred for the positive gene. Bill and Jill have 4 children. How many should have blood type
AB neg.? (Hint: You’ll need to do the blood types and the pos./neg. blood types separately, in two different punnett
Number with AB- blood:
Make up your own genetic problem. Use one of the complex types of inheritance. Be very specific in your description of the
situation. Be clear as to what you want someone to figure out.
Now provide detailed, complete and accurate answers to #7 below.