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2012 Unit 3 Review
Explain where and why U.S. earliest
cities were located. (44)
They were located long the Atlantic
coastal ports because of easy access
and nearness to water.
What type of climate is found in the United
States but not in Canada? (45)
• Topical wet and Dry
Which of the following terms refers to the basic
facilities, services, and support system for a
community to function successfully? (41)
Why is the United States a wealthy nation?
• Because of rich farmlands, minerals, and
other natural resources. (43)
As discussed in class, why is much of Canada’s
urban and industry close to the U.S. border?
Because of climate, fertile soils, and rail
St. Lawrence Seaway
• Locks allow oceangoing vessels to sail
into the industrial and agricultural
heartland of North America
• Locks are section of a waterway with
closed gates where water levels are
raised or lowered.
• This access to waterways and two
oceans has given the United States
great influence and power in world
How Locks work
Explain how huge vessels sail into the
Great Lakes region from the Atlantic
• Vessels are able to sail into the Great
lakes region thru a series of locks
constructed to from the St. Lawrence
How has the construction of dams and reservoirs
benefited the United States and Canada?
It has provided electricity, recreation in
many areas of each country.
Why do many people of Quebec want independence?
In the
to protect their French culture
• Why is most of Canada’s urban and
industrial growth taking place close to the
border of the United States?
• of the milder climate, fertile soils, and the
railway system.
What is NAFTA?
• North America Free Trade Agreement
Who is this agreement with, and
what is it about?
The agreement is between the United
States, Canada, and Mexico, and it allows
these three countries to trade freely with
one another with limited trade restrictions.
What has allowed urban centers to
grow in areas of extreme heat?
• air conditioning and insulation
U.S. & Canada’s Oil
• The United States imports energy,
whereas Canada is largely self-sufficient
• Canada is the U.S. are main trading
Explain how Canada’s federal government is
different from the federal government of the
United States
- Canada has a prime minister, and their
Parliament (legislature) is appointed not
- United States, the president & congress is
• Plates moving in any
direction causes
• The worst are caused by
plates rubbing past each
other as in C
• This happens along the
Californian coast
• The San Andreas Fault, is
located where these
plates come together.
• What famous international site seeing
water landform is shared by Canada
and the United States?
Niagra Falls