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o NO Passive voice
o NO contractions
o Clarify antecedents
o Commas/Periods INSIDE the quotation marks
o Avoid “of” if you can use apostrophes
o Thesis: has to be argumentative, transition to body paragraph TS
o Reference to author: eg. if “Allison Bechdel” is introduced, then the author
would always be called Bechdel, her last name, in rest of the text
BP Analysis
o Split complex sentences into simple ones —> the subject and theme would
be unclear (deliver with more clarity)
o Makes smaller transitions (because, so, subsequently, since, etc) -> avoid
chronological ones
o Topic Sentence
Topic Sentence of body paragraphs should be more specific, as a
“mini-thesis” of the paragraph
o Introducing evidence
In S2 Notes
o Evidence Piece
Paraphrased or divided chunks of evidence
ONLY Keep the useful parts in analysis
o Explanation of Evidence
ALWAYS use tone/mood, analyze connotation of meanings
“x’s use of this word” can be used to emphasize on the
connotation and language the author is using
Nice closure is not enough, expanding on the significance and
purpose of quote is important —> ask so what? How does that reflect
the idea as a whole?
Try to use differentiation and contrasts to build on the significance
Word choice has to be relevant, examine repeatedly
Avoid “for” “in” etc if it’s unclear of the meaning portrayed
Exploitation of Mammachi’s wealth for his authoritative status
Instead: exploitation of Mammachi’s wealth to increase his …
o Linking
Use “similar to”/using information of last couple sentence ideas as a
head start introduction to an analysis, new quote, or further
o Ending needs to have a cohesive, summing up idea
o End the essay with a 5-7 sentence to pack up all ideas and leave impression