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Pest ID Fact
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Periplaneta americana
Description: Large 1 ¼”‐2” in length, reddish‐brown with yellow band
behind the head. Both males and females have fully‐developed
wings but are only moderately good fliers.
Habits: Considered peridomestic (live both indoors and outdoors)
They are common in sewers and storm drains. Due to their preferred
habitats, they are capable of transmitting bacteria that causes food
poisoning. When found in structures, they usually prefer food
storage areas, basements, and crawl spaces. They are omnivorous
and show a fondness for fermenting foods.
Control: Prevention (exclusion in the case of peridomestic
cockroaches), Good Sanitation, Use of baits, IGRs, aerosols, and/or
residual pesticide applications in cracks & crevices and occasionally
on surfaces or in voids. Read & Follow all product labels.
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