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Subject Line: Ransomware. Emotet. The List Only Grows. Unless…
Email Body Copy:
Just when we thought that the complexity, risk, and damage resulting from cyber threats couldn't get
any worse, along came a global pandemic.
During this time of abrupt change in the way people live, work, and study, it is more important
than ever to ensure that your organization is able to continue operating without disruption.
We Identify Issues and Resolve Them Before They Become Your Problem.
Our Solutions and Services:
 Identify – A wide range of assessments, awareness training, and compliance support
 Protect – Next-gen firewalls, encryption, and multi-factor authentication solutions
 Detect – SIEM, endpoint detection, and SOCaaS services and solutions
 Respond – Improve patch management and incident response capabilities
 Recover – Deliver back-up and recovery as well as data archiving solutions
The world has become more complex and the threats continue to grow.
We can help you mitigate risks.
Learn more about our wide range of services and solutions.