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Subject Line: 91% of Ransomware Attacks Succeed. We’ll Ensure They Fail.
Email Body Copy:
In 2021, $600 million dollars in cryptocurrency could be tied directly to ransomware.
91% of all breaches could be thwarted if employees had the awareness needed to avoid the common
mistakes that give criminals access to your systems.
Mitigating ransomware risks requires a unique set of tools, training, and capabilities. Attackers
can use social engineering to leapfrog past defenses, get on your network, and cause a breach
that leads to financial and reputational damage to your organization.
We Identify Issues and Resolve Them Before They Become Your Problem.
Our Solutions and Services:
 Train – Provide awareness training and proper protocols for end-users
 Identify – Best fit anti-virus systems, leverage zero trust methods, and next-gen gateways
 Protect – Deploy solutions and best practices – back-ups, multi-factor authentication, etc.
 Detect – Monitor devices and networks for anomalies and compromise (XDR, SIEM, MDR)
The world has become more complex and the threats continue to grow.
We can help you mitigate risks.
Learn more about our wide range of services and solutions.