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Part I: Drawing Make a simple drawing of
what each type of tissue looks like or would
look like.
A. Simple squamous
B. Stratified squamous
C. Simple columnar
D. Stratified columnar
E. Nerve cell
Part II: Vocabulary
1.One single layer of cells ______________
2.Tissue specialized in secreting _____________
3.Cube shaped cells _____________
4.The surface of epithelium cells that are attached to
connective tissue_________________
5.Many layers of cells_________________
6.The functioning cell type of nervous tissue _______
7.A group of cells with the same specialized
8.Flat cells that cover many body parts and glands
9.The support cells of the nervous tissue
10. The free surface of epithelial tissue
PART III: Tissues
1.Tissue that is found where friction is common ______
2.Tissue that secretes hormones _________________
3.Single flat layer of cells ________________
4.Tissues that make up skin ______________
5. Tissues that line the lungs and blood vessels
6. Layers of cube shaped cells ____________________
7.Tissue that forms the walls of the kidney
8.The underside of epithelial tissue is always anchored
to connective tissue by the
9.This tissue most often contains goblet cells
10. This tissue type uses ducts to secrete substances
PART IV: Short answer
1. Describe the blood supply in epithelial tissue.
2. What are the major functions of epithelial
3. Describe the importance of goblet cells?
4. Define gland.
5. What are the main functions of nerve cells in
the body?
6. What are neuroglia cells?