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Period ____
Magazine Monday
Directions: Choose a magazine from the rack in the front of the room. Look
through the magazine and choose an article that is AT LEAST one page. Read
the article and then answer the following questions. DUE AT THE END OF THE
PERIOD! Put the magazines back where you found it!!
1. What is the title of your article? Who is the author?
2. What was the main point/purpose/intention the author was trying to convey?
3. What were the supporting arguments found in the article that helped you
determine the author’s purpose?
4. Do you agree or disagree with what the article is stating and why?
5. What was a strength of the article?
6. What was a weakness in the article?
7. Does this article bring up any experiences, ideas, or emotions for you?
8. Were there any words in the article that you did not know?