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Graduation Project 1
Yassmien Qub’a
Second 2021/2022
1st Project Pitch
Project Mainstream:
UI/UX Design
Project Title:
NFTs in Pixels
Target Audience:
Collectors, investors, flippers, fans, business owners and people from all around
the world.
Top 3 preferred supervisors:
Rawan Majzoub, Hazar Marji and Tasneem Al-Omari
What are NFTs?
A non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable unit of
data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger,
that can be sold and traded. Types of NFT data units
may be associated with digital files such as photos,
videos, and audio.
A market space for NFT pixels
UI/UX Design for an app/website that joins NFTs with design
A space where the NFT Holder/Seller display and market their
NFTs to be able to sell it through pixels, 1 million pixels each
pixels for 1 dollar. By giving the NFT Holder/Seller a showroom,
where he can make sure his NFT reaches out to as much people
as possible, in addition to guaranteed money-back strategy of
the amount he paid for his pixillion(s).
For example, a person has a 80 x 80 pixel image which rounds
up to 6400 pixels in total which also rounds up to the same
amount in dollars. This allows the buyer/seller to be able to
display as much NFTs desired depending on the pixels.
A market space for NFT pixels
UI/UX Design for an app/website that joins NFTs with design
The main focus of the project would be the design part, how to make the
user experience of the NFT Holder/Seller as easy and functional as possible.
The User Interface design will have elements that are easy to access,
understand and use to facilitate various actions.
The main goal of this project is to enhance the NFT customer base
through a unique User Interface Design.
My personal mission towards this UI design project is to decrease problems,
increase NFT Holder/Seller involvement through the design functionality,
perfect the design functionality and develop a precise visual
communication between users and the website.
A market space for NFT pixels
The User interface design on the website will fall into the following four categories:
Input Controls
Allow users to input information into the system
Navigation Components
Helps users move around a product or website
Informational Components
Share information with users
Holds related content together
A market space for NFT pixels
A visual display of how the NFTs showroom would be displayed in pixels
A market space for NFT pixels
A visual example of how the website would be displayed
A market space for NFT pixels
A visual example of how the app/website would be displayed