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The Crypto Collective Community - Research Analyst Intern
As a Research Analyst, you will be responsible for conducting deep structured research on top
cryptoassets, protocols and NFTs. This position is the perfect opportunity to enter the crypto
research space. Analysts will produce reports based on an internally created template.
This is an entry-level position that will allow you to gain exposure to multiple facets of the
research process and industry.
Provide research reports on cryptoassets, Defi, NFTs and protocols in a structured
Maintain a high quality standard while working in a fast-paced environment.
Work with other team members to peer review and provide feedback on reports.
Gain a deep understanding of various relevant aspects of the crypto industry including
technology, legal, regulatory, economic, and protocol background details.
Develop market-leading expertise on the NFT ecosystem by deeply understanding the
top projects, interacting with the community, and helping us understand how to best take
advantage of this opportunity
Interest in, and passion for, the crypto industry.
Understanding of various aspects of protocols/networks and assets.
Experience researching and writing up concise summaries of your findings.
Impeccable attention to detail and ability to produce high-quality reports on a short
Ability to synthesize complex topics and provide concise summaries for readers.
Love Cryptopunks, Bored Apes, Autoglyphs, and Fidenzas. Can talk about both cultural
signaling and artistic merit; rarities and distribution curves; community aspects and
Nice to have: Previous experience in the crypto industry especially in research
This is a paid internship. We will discuss compensation with the selected candidate