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Identifying Bias
Find TWO commercials/advertisements on YouTube (including the urls) that you
will analyze using the following questions:
1. Who is this advertisement trying to reach? Describe the people you think
would be most likely to buy this product.
● The first advertisement is trying to reach everyone, especially
teenagers, adults and young adults. People, who enjoy sports,
regardless of age, race, gender, disabilities, etc, would be willing to buy
this product.
● The second advertisement is trying to reach kids, adults, teens, and old
people. Animal lovers would be most likely to but this product because
of the adorable Hounds they used in this video.
2. What does this advertisement tell you about the product?
● The first advertisement gives a message of athletes coming together to
combat world issues such as racism, sexism and discrimination of any
● The second advertisement just tells me that the product is delicious and
worth consuming.
3. What does it infer about that product? (Remember Infer means something
that is not stated, but you can logically explain based on the information
provided or your own observation.
● The advertisement infers that the products bring unity and that if you
can breath/ have a body then you are an athlete.
● The advertisement humorous visuals infer that ketchup ad mustard
deserve to be on hotdogs because hotdogs want ketchup.
4. Complete this sentence with as many answers as you can: If I buy this
● If I buy this product, it means I support the message behind the
advertisement which I believe is mainly positive.
● If I buy this product, I am helping sales.
5. Does it mention both good and bad things about this product? If yes, tell
what is good and what is bad. If not, which part does it tell and why does it
only give part of the information?
● The ad does not mention the bad things about the product. It only
shows the good side because they are obviously trying to garner praise
online as well as increase their sales.
● Heinz does not mention the bad things about their product either.
Increase in sales would be a reason for this.
6. How does this message convince you to do something?
● The message conveyed convinces me to buy the product because of the
inclusivity being shown in the advertisement. The advertisement was
very diverse.
● The Heinz advertisement made me want to get a dog. The sight of dogs
running toward their owners in hot dog costumes was captivating.
7. What part of this advertisement attracts your attention? Describe the
advertisement using as many adjectives as you can.
● The part where it highlights the impact of the pandemic on sports
attracted my attention. The first advertisement was wholesome, highly
influential, exceptional and thoughtful.
● The part of advertisement attracted my attention was the dogs running
to their owners. It attracted my attention because it made me realize
that those dogs knew their respective owners. It was captivating, funny
and poignant.
8. What part of the advertisement do you like best? Why?
● My favourite part was the part were the ad’s narrator said, “"Because
when we're doubted, we'll play as one. When we're held back, we'll go
farther, and harder. If we're not taken seriously, we'll prove that wrong.
And if we don't fit the sport, we'll change the sport." while showing
stunning visuals of famous women in the various sports.
● I think the visuals were fun, but my favourite part was the part was the