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Natural Selection/Evolution Project – Futuristic Organism
100 Point TEST Grade
To show an understanding of “Evolution by Natural Selection” by creating a futuristic animal
based on your knowledge of Natural Selection.
You will create a futuristic organism that will be based on how Natural Selection works. You
will tell the story of your organism. Your futuristic organism must include an information
(story) sheet containing the following: **Make sure to put the numbers where they are
1. What organism (only 1) your organism is descended from.
2. What happened to the earth that made your organism evolve.
3. How did the Steps to Natural Selection cause your organism
to evolve.
4. The size of your organism.
5. Where your organism lives (what type of environment).
6. When your organism is living (how many years in the future).
(**REMEMBER, it takes a LONG time to make a new species!)
7. Where your organism fits in the food web. (use scientific terms)
**Draw a food web AND describe how your organism fits!
Sentences and
In addition to this information, you will have to have a COMPLETELY illustrated organism. You
must have it illustrated, colored, and shown in its environment!
The drawing of your organism is worth 25 points. The information sheet is worth 75 points.
The total project is a 100-point TEST grade.
**You will NOT use one of the animals depicted in the video “The Future is Wild”. The use of
one of these animals will be an automatic grade of “0”. You CAN use these animals as
Also, your organism must be original…no one can have the same organism as anyone else! You
can work together to help each other out, but each person MUST have their own, unique
Have fun…Good Luck!
Futuristic Organism Grading Rubric:
Complete sentences
used. Information fully
supporting evidence
given (where applicable).
Story well formulated
and convincing
Complete sentences used.
Information Explained, but
supporting evidence is
limited or does not make
sense! Story is given but
not well thought out and/or
not convincing
Not all sentences
complete. Information is
limited or none given.
There is no story, or the
story makes NO sense at
all scientifically.
1. What organism
your organism
descended from.
10 points
8 points
0-6 points
2. What happened
on Earth to make
your organism
3. Steps to Natural
10 points
8 points
0-6 points
25 points
15 points
0-5 points
4. The size of your
10 points
8 points
0-6 points
5. Where your
organism lives.
5 points
3 points
0-1 points
6. When your
organism is living.
5 points
3 points
0-1 points
7. Where your
organism fits in the
food web.
10 points
8 points
0-6 points
Fits description, fully
10 points
10 points
Fits some of description,
not completely drawn, or
NOT drawn
0 – 5 points
0 – 5 points
5 points