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Unit 1
Concept 1 Introduction
Plant Sort
What is a plant?
Any of the eukaryotic organisms of
the biological kingdom Plantae,
characterized by being
photosynthetic and having a rigid cell
Characteristics of Plants
● Eukaryotic - Cells with nucleus and membrane
bound organelles (everything except bacteria)
Prokaryotic - No Nucleus, No
membrane bound organelles,
cell wall present
Ex. Cyanobacteria (Blue-green
Eukaryotic - Nucleus and
membrane bound organelles
present. Cell wall, chloroplasts
and central vacuole present. Ex.
Eukaryotic - Nucleus and
membrane bound organelles
present. Cell wall absent,
numerous small vacuoles, no
chloroplasts Ex. Animals
Characteristics of Plants
Photosynthetic - Make sugar from light
● Chloroplasts - Organelle that performs photosynthesis
● Cellulose - A complicated strong sugar forming the
cell wall of plants.
Characteristics of Plants
Large Central Vacuole
Holds water and dissolved substances, maintains
pressure on cell wall to help the cell maintain shape.
Characteristics of Plants
● Multicellular - Made of many cells
● Embryo - Young organism that grows inside
Seed Lab
Products made
from plants
Uses of Plants
By John Sparshatt, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Historically about 7,000 species of plants have been used for
food. Today we primarily rely on about 30 species of plants
for our diet.
Uses of Plants
Uses of Plants
Uses of Plants
Uses of Plants