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World History Final
1. Where is the Cradle of Life located?
a. Africa/Ethiopia
b. Africa/South Africa
c. Europe/France
d. Asia/Iraq
2. Define Paleolithic:_________________________________________
3. Define Neolithic:__________________________________________
4. Mesopotamia is located in what modern country?
a. Egypt
b. China
c. India
d. Iraq
5. The Egyptian written language is called what?
a. Hinduism
b. Hieroglyphs
c. Egyptian
d. Latin
6. The most isolated ancient civilization was what?
a. India
b. China
c. Greece
d. Mesopotamia
7. The main religion of ancient India was what? __________________
8. The main religion of ancient China was what? __________________
9. Match the city/country with the government associated with it
a. Greece
b. Sparta
c. Athens
10.How old was Alexander the Great when he conquered most of Europe?
a. 15-30
b. 30-45
c. 45-60
d. 60+
11.What are the five pillars of Islam?
a. __________________
b. __________________
c. __________________
d. __________________
e. __________________
12.Who was the Roman Emperor that made Christianity the official religion of
the empire?
a. Constantine
b. Nero
c. Jesus
d. Paul
13.Who was the Roman Emperor that is said to have burned Rome down?
a. Paul
b. Constantine
c. Nero
d. Marcus Aurelius
14.Who decided to launch the first Crusade?
a. China
b. Byzantine Emperor Alexios
c. Nero after the burning of Rome
d. Alexander the Great
15.What was the goal of the first crusade?
a. To conquer China
b. To defend Africa from invaders
c. To conquer Australia
d. To retake Jerusalem
16.Describe Feudalism:___________________________________________
17.What are the 4 main social classes within Feudalism
a. _____________________
b. _____________________
c. _____________________
d. _____________________
18.What is significant about the Magna Carta?
a. It established that no man, even the king, was above the law
b. It drew new borders for Europe
c. It established Christianity as the main religion within Europe
d. It led to the collapse of European civilization
19.What important document does it relate to within the United States?
20.How was the Black Death spread? _____________________________
i. (BONUS) Describe how war contributed to the spread of the
black plague
21.Where did the Black Plague originate?
a. China/India
b. Africa
c. Europe
d. Russia
22.What important trade route brought the black plague to Europe?
a. The autobahn
b. Route 66
c. The Silk Road
d. The Horn of Africa
23.What did Martin Luther do to be excommunicated from the church?
a. Told the Pope he was wrong
b. Freed slaves within Europe
c. Fought in the Crusades
24.The Incan Empire was located in what modern day area?
a. Ethiopia
b. Southern Canada
c. South America
d. Mexico
25.How did the Incans rapidly expand their empire?
a. Scientific Technology
b. Force
c. Culture
26.The Aztec Empire was made up of what three major territories?
a. Southern Canada
b. South America
c. Mexico
d. Ethiopia
27.The Aztec Empire was located in what modern day area?
a. __________________
b. __________________
c. __________________
28.Who is the most famous leader of the Aztecs?
a. Montezuma
b. Nero
c. Pachacuti
d. Sdlonyer