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Year 12 Physics- Inclined Planes and
Circular Motion
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Question 1
(5.5 marks)
Emma drives around a track of radius 70m in 11.0 seconds, in a clockwise direction.
a) On the diagram, draw the velocity vectors at positions A, B and C.
b) What was the car’s average speed?
c) What was the car’s average velocity? Explain your answer.
d) What was the car’s centripetal acceleration?
Question 2
(5 marks)
A 0.40kg mass is attached to a 0.50m long string. Lily swings the mass around her in a circle,
completing 3 revolutions in 1.5 seconds.
a) What is the period?
b) What is the magnitude of the tension in the string?
Question 3
(3 marks)
Calculate the magnitude of the force required for a 4.0kg object to rotate in a circle of 2.5m radius at
a speed of 4.5m/s
Question 4
(4.5 marks)
Sarah forgot to put her handbrake on, so her car of mass 1300kg rolls down Fairley st, which has an
angle of inclination of 30 degrees. There is a constant frictional force of 1500N.
a) What is the car’s acceleration?
b) After 5.0 seconds, Sarah’s car collides with another car. What was the car’s final velocity
before the collision?
Question 5
(8 marks)
Grace pulls a cart of mass 10.0 kg, full of physics textbooks, up a 13° ramp. She pulls the cart at an
angle of 10° to the incline, as shown in the diagram. She and the cart start from rest, accelerate
constantly, and 2 minutes later the cart is travelling at 1.5 m/s. There is a frictional force of 120 N
between the box and the incline.
What magnitude of force must Grace be applying?