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657 Bibiclat Aliaga Nueva Ecija, PH 3111 • [email protected] • 935-488-7828
December 4, 2021
Mr. Ian Gaya
Poblacion West III
Aliaga, Nueva Ecija
[email protected]
Dear Mr. Gaya,
I would like to apply for the advertised post of Chief Civil Engineer listed on I am
currently employed with Velasquez Land Development, where I am a mentor and I train junior
engineers in the design of piping systems and sedimentation control processes. In addition, I write
daily detailed reports on lagging work progress for quality assurance purposes to produce and issue
precise technical specifications and data sheets. I firmly believe that my knowledge and experience
gained as an experienced civil engineer will add value to this position and, ultimately, your
I have also worked with the Public Works Department as a Civil Engineer, where I performed soil
sample analysis and computed load and grade requirements of materials. I also possess prior
experience in implementing complex design software and drawing tools within highly regulated
environments, which has helped me become adept at deploying stable, high-quality, and costeffective structural innovations.
As an ambitious and capable individual, I have gained expertise in almost every corner of the
construction profession. I would appreciate the opportunity to join an esteemed and reputable
construction firm such as yours.
Please have a look at my enclosed resume for detailed information about my work experience and
education. I'm looking forward to discussing more in person.
John Robert Paler