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CIA 140
GA10 - Critical Thinking about Rural Canada
Social Problems
Exercise Instructions
1. Listen to the podcast Small-Town Canada is Dying Slowly – a link is provided here:
and is available on Blackboard.
2. Also read Aaron Hutchins story: What’s Killing rural Canada, which accompanies the
podcast. A link to the print story is provided here:
3. Open a Word document and follow the instructions provided below
4. Using a Conflict perspective critically analyze the story presented and answer the
following questions.
5. What intuitional structures are identified as the reasons behind the demise of small
town Canada?
6. Is there evidence to support that rural Canada really is being destroyed or is there an
underlying agenda to the narrative? Provide support for your answer; e.g. stats, facts,
7. How have events such as land claim pay outs made rural communities vulnerable to
unprofessional practices and what has been the outcome (provide examples from the
article or the podcast.
8. What benefits are there to living in rural communities?
9. Are there more benefits to developing rural communities into larger cities?
10. How do small communities rebuild trust between themselves and government
11. What can rural communities do to reduce poverty, addiction, and economic inequity
and maintain their small town way of life?
12. Once completed, name the file in the format assigned below. Practice using this format
consistently to promote excellent file/data management skills.
a. Using the current date format year, month, day; eg. 2019092_CIA140_Rural
b. (Establish consistent naming practices. Never overwrite a file; always show the
progression of your work overtime. When updating work simply change the
date, e.g. 20190117, 20190118, etc….)
13. Save the Word document and submit into GA 10 dropbox. Be sure to follow the file
naming and saving instructions provided below. Files not saved according to the
instructions will lose .25 marks
Submission Requirements:
Dropboxes have been established with the appropriate due dates and will open at 8AM and
close on at 11:59PM. Submission times are based on computer time and will not be accepted
once the time has elapsed (Submission time is based on Seneca Collage server time. Please do
not rely upon cell phones or personal watches).
CIA 140
GA10 - Critical Thinking about Rural Canada
Social Problems
To achieve full marks provide thorough and answers in complete sentences. One word answers
will not receive full credit.
Reflect on the weeks course readings and draw examples from them to complete your answers
Remember to edit the finished document before submitting. .25 deductions will be taken for
spelling and grammar errors.