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United States and Canada Test Review
1. What geographic factor most likely had the greatest influence on the pattern of settlements in eastern
2. During winter, air masses that cross the Great Lakes are cooled / heated by their passage over the lake?
3. What major languages are spoken in Canada? Where are they regionally found?
4. What are characteristics of rural communities?
5. What are some benefits of globalization?
6. How have advances in agricultural technology been beneficial?
7. How does an increase in elevation affect climate?
8. Economic activities that provide a service are?
9. Name the land bridge during the Ice Age that allowed for migration from Asia to the Americas?
10. Which cultural group would most likely inhabit northern Canada?
11. Economic activities that deal directly with natural resources are?
12. Country A has large population, primarily agrarian, high unemployment, lack of education, lack of steady
government….what type of economy do they have?
13. Why would the citizens of Quebec try to gain independence from the rest of Canada?
14. How have the US and Canada modified the environment to provide inexpensive electricity and
15. Air conditioning in the south, leading to decrease of disease in humid areas, is an example of
_____________________ to the environment?
16. Because California is located on a different plate that the rest of the US, this has allowed for many
______________________ and the creation of the famous _______ ________________
17. Economic activities that involve manufacturing are?
18. What are likely reasons for the development of a megalopolis?
19. Lack of career opportunities would be a __________________ factor?
20. What is a likely reason for early exploration and settlement of the western US?
21. What reasons would cause growth of urbanization in a region?
22. A region organized around a large city, connected to & relies on transportation, communication,
economic activity of the city. What type of region would this be?
23. What trade agreement of the 1990’s changed trade patterns between the US and Canada?
24. What is the economic system of Canada?
25. What are some differences in lifestyle between urban and rural populations in the US?
26. The spread of new geographical information systems has had what affects?
27. What is the relationship between GDP and literacy rates in countries?
28. Economic and educational opportunities are examples of _______________ factors?
29. Facilities such as roads, schools, water treatment plants, etc that are needed in a modern economy are
examples of?
30. Unjust and strict governmental control are examples of _______________ factors?