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Cells & Organelles Quick Revision Questions
Write the correct word from the word bank in each blank space. Each word will be used
exactly once.
Word bank:
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi body
Cell Membrane
1. The __________________________________ is located within the nucleus and builds
ribosomes from RNA and proteins.
2. The __________________________________ is a small round organelle that breaks
down nutrients and waste.
3. The __________________________________ is a barrier that controls what comes in
and out of the cell.
4. The __________________________________ contains DNA and acts as the control
center of the cell.
5. The __________________________________ includes cytosol and all organelles except
the nucleus.
6. The __________________________________ breaks down glucose to generate energy.
7. The __________________________________ is a network of membranes where most of
the lipids and proteins are made in a cell.
8. The __________________________________ packages materials into vesicles to be sent
to locations inside or outside of the cell.
9. The __________________________________ build proteins. They can be found
throughout the cytoplasm or bound to the rough endoplasmic reticulum.
10. The _________________________________ are surrounded by a membrane and carry
substances through the cytoplasm.
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