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Chavos Nazca & Moche
By Gigi & Rehan
Location of the Chavin, Nazca and Moche
The Chavín, Nazca, & Moche all lived in the
Andean Region near or in Andes Mountains. The
Chavín devolved near the north of the Andean
highlands of modern day Peru. They were
located where the Mosna and Huachuca river
merge. The Nazca where located on the
southern coast of Peru. The Moche group lived
on the northern coast of Peru.
Rise & Fall - Gigi
The Moche existed between A.D 100 and A.D 700,
The Moche people were named after their most
famous city. They forged a culture along the arid
north coast of Peru.
Skilled Moche Farmers developed new ways for
fertilizing the soil and used canals to irrigate the
The fall of Moche may have
been due to earthquakes,
droughts, or catastrophic
flooding arising from the El
The Moche Government and social
structure was a hierarchical and very
organized. There was a north and
south government.
The Chavín had deities which
where an important part of their.
They are polytheistic religion
and their most important was
The Moche government was really
wealthy from there artisans. Even
though the artisans where on the
bottom of the social structure they
where the most important.
Moche Religion - Gigi
The Moche were
polytheistic , or had
many gods. The most
powerful god in their
religion was Si, or the
moon goddess. Since the
moon was always visible,
and controlled the
seasons, Si was the most
powerful god.
EXTRA FACTS - Gigi & Rehan
The Moche are well known
for their art, especially their
naturalistic and articulate
They also where
really good
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