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Discussion Questions
Reading 9
Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian AnthroNotes, 2ndedition
SOCI1250 – Introduction to Anthropology
Gary Toth - Instructor
The Moche: An Ancient Peruvian People (Reading 9)
John W. Verano
1) Discuss the significance of the evidence that the Moche farmed and raised
animals for food.
2) Discuss the importance of the tomb of the Moche woman found at San José
de Moro, and what that can tell us about the Moche religion?
3) There is evidence, both in art and archaeological findings, that the Moche of
ancient Peru practiced ritual human sacrifice. How does this lead to an increased
understanding of the Moche people?
4) The author provides information about the mortality rate, diseases, and
nutrition of the Moche. Discuss what this evidence tells anthropologists about
the Moche. Do you think there is anything unusual in the evidence?