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Report for
Lab Work 2
Topic title:
“Study of combinational digital devices”
Performed by: Nauashev Alfarabi
Group: ISNS-1902
Checked by: Utebayeva Dana
Almaty 2021
Task 1.1
a) F = xyz’
b) F = x+y’z
c) F = x’y’z + x’yz + xy’
d) F = xy’ + x’z
Task 1.2
Problem 1.1
Problem 1.2
Problem 1.3
Problem 1.4
In this work lab work we learn about three input logic gates and how to do this
into program called LTSpice. In the task 1.1 I do problems only in a program. In
the 2 second task do the problems in notebooks and in program. Also, we
investigate the logic gate in LTSpice.