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Book review – The Three-Body Problem
There are a lot of characters in this book, including
Ji Luo
Wenjie Ye
Qiang Shi
Xin Cheng
Beihai Zhang
I admire Beihai Zhang the most. He used his life to give humans the chance to live.
The other characters made me feel disappointed.
A kind of Alien later called the "Three Bodys"(The name came from they had three suns in
their solar system.) from the Centaurus will arrive on earth in 400 years. Humans must
defend their homeland. The novel writes the whole story from how the "Three Bodys" found
earth till the last two humans escaped the solar system.
My Opinion
I loved this book written by Cixin Liu. This book won many prizes in China and out of China.
Famous politican Barack Hussein Obama read this book a lot, he once sent an email to Cixin
Liu to compliment him but was deleted by Cixin because he thought it was junk mail.
If are just a normal reader, you should start with Cixin's other books. This is pretty much
more "hardcore" for normal readers. If you are a Sci-Fi fan, you have to read this book!