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Research on Computing and Informatics,
and Vision for the 21st Century
Presented by Aidong Zhang, SUNY Distinguished Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
State University of New York at Buffalo
Thursday, December 1, 2016
10:15 am–noon
Brickyard (BYENG) 210
Zhang will discuss her current funded
research projects and contributions
in computing and informatics, which
focus on developing methodologies and
algorithms for modeling and analysis of
both structured and unstructured data.
Applications of her research include
biological data analysis, social networks,
and health informatics. She will also
talk about her views on the current
challenges and opportunities facing
education and research in the School of
Computing, Informatics, and Decision
Systems Engineering.
About the speaker
Aidong Zhang is currently on leave from the State University of New York
(SUNY) at Buffalo and serving as a program director in the Information &
Intelligent Systems division of the Directorate for Computer & Information
Science & Engineering, National Science Foundation. Zhang is a SUNY
Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. She served
as the Department Chair from 2009–2015. Her research interests include
data mining/data science, bioinformatics, health Informatics, multimedia and
database systems and content-based image retrieval. She has authored
more than 290 research publications in these areas. She has chaired or
served on more than 160 program committees of international conferences
and workshops and currently serves on several journal editorial boards. She
has also given many keynote and invited talks. Zhang is an IEEE Fellow.