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Case Study 3: Corruption
Name and Date:
Mohammad Malik and Mohammed Anis, 37 and 35, Males.
Malik – Police Officer. Anis – Criminal
Mohammed Malik was a serving police officer in the UK police force, who was in contact
with a criminal who had been selling cars that were not his. Malik had been selling Anis
information from the cars from the police database, in exchange for money. Malik had
taken advantage of his job role, as a serving officer who had access to a lot of information
for his own personal benefit, mostly taking money in exchange for history on the cars
registrations given to him. This is a form of corruption in the cases of the police officer, and
bribery from the criminal.
The victims of this case are the people who had bought the cars from the seller, as well as
the UK police force who had employed a corrupt officer. It is not clear how much money
was offered for the registrations of vehicles, however the people who had bought the
vehicles had them later taken away due to the court case going public.
The level of awareness this case had overall is quite high. The case was mostly publicized on
CPS, (UK crown prosecution service), therefore being in the upper end of news articles. This
case was quite a serious case, as Anis had ripped off many people, having the vehicles being
sold without being told the criminal history behind them. Therefore, the public who bought
the cars were completely unaware as to anything that was going on in terms of corruption
and bribery.
Overall, this case was a serious case for the time it was around due to the fact that a police
officer had corrupted his job role, selling classified information to a criminal for their own
benefit. The outcome of this case was that they were both arrested and sentenced. The
officer lost his job as a police officer.