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Grade 1 Mathematics!
Primary Arithmetic!
Course Instructor: Paul Ramirez!
This course is designed to help young learners master the fundamentals of arithmetic, with this
first year being dedicated to learning about numbers and figures, and to understanding the basic
concepts and operations of addition and subtraction.!
The most important advantage of the course (over non-video-based math curricula) is this: math
concepts are shown orally and visually onscreen, as opposed to merely being written on a static
page or in a book. This makes it much easier for the student to grasp the material because it
incorporates both the manipulative and mental stages of learning math, which is vitally important
at this early level.!
Math 1 is to be considered “Part 1” of my primary math course. Part 2 will be next year and will
finish what we start here. Together, they will equip your child to, (a), be good at basic arithmetic,
and, (b), enjoy doing math because he will not be afraid of it. Too many kids either hate math or
are afraid of it or just aren’t very good at it. Math success will ultimately improve academic (and
professional) success in the long run.!
The course will cover: learning all the numbers from 0 to 100. It will include learning how to
count with them and how to write the figures for them. It will cover basic vocabulary and
notation (reading and writing) of the arithmetic. It will cover learning how to add and subtract,
first visually with objects, then mentally with numbers. It will include problems dealing with time
and units of measure: money, clocks, calendars, rulers, weights, dry measure, liquid measure,
long measure and other units.!
The lessons are a combination of video screencasts, math tables, drills, live action, plus a wide
variety of story problems, which is where the math concepts are presented in a clear and easyto-follow manner. The Ray’s Arithmetic story problems, along with the carefully-planned
progression of material from the simple and concrete to the more abstract and advanced, are
the key to the success of this proven math program. !
Please do not share this PDF with any other student or anyone who has not paid for the course.
The policy is this: one course purchase per student. We encourage you to show the purchase
receipt to your child. This way, they see that it has cost something to obtain this valuable (and
proprietary) information. It is a matter of showing good faith. “Self-government is where all
government begins.”!
You can download a copy of Ray’s New Primary Arithmetic, the free textbook that we use, by
clicking here:!
Here is a weekly outline and detailed summary of all 180 lessons for this course: !!
If you need to refer back to any of the first 40 lessons of Math 1 (Math 1A), you can click here: !!
The lessons that are currently available as of August 1, 2015, starting with Lesson 41, are listed
Daily Lessons (following the Math 1A, 40-lesson free-trial course):!
Week 9: Lessons 41-45!
Lesson 41.!
Lesson 42.!
Lesson 43.!
Lesson 44.!
Lesson 45. UNIT 2 TEST!
Week 10: Lessons 46-50!
Lesson 46.!
Lesson 47.!
Lesson 48.!
Lesson 49.!
Lesson 50.!
Week 11: Lessons 51-55!
Lesson 51.!
Lesson 52.!
Lesson 53.!
Lesson 54.!
Lesson 55.!
Week 12: Lessons 56-60!
Lesson 56.!
Lesson 57.!
Lesson 58.!
Lesson 59.!
Lesson 60.!
Week 13: Lessons 61-65!
Lesson 61.!
Lesson 62.!
Lesson 63.!
Lesson 64.!
Lesson 65.!
Here is a link to the page where you will find all of the above plus the remaining lessons, 66
through 180: !
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